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Authentic Louisiana Gumbo

Genuine Cajun-Creole Cuisine in a Premium Product
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A tradition straight from the heart of the bayou for over 80 years
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The Finest Louisiana Gumbo Available On The Market Today

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Authentic Gumbo Home Made and Delivered

You must have definitely had a delicious, authentic gumbo on your visit to Louisiana. Its taste probably still lingers in your mind, so much so that you may have even tried making it at home. Though there are numerous recipes, both online and in cookbooks, the exact taste of an authentic gumbo can only be found in Louisiana. Well, if you have made gumbo at home and failed to capture the mouthwatering flavor you tasted at Louisiana, then you would definitely like the idea of ordering your favorite dish online.

The reason why you may not have been able to prepare an exact recipe of gumbo is that it belongs to the traditional cuisine of Louisiana. Though there is no one way of preparing gumbo, there are particular ingredients and procedures to follow while making gumbo. There are essentially two types of gumbo, Creole and Cajun, each having a different set of basic ingredients and process of making the dish. Cajuns were basically French descendents settled in Acadia, who later settled in Southern Louisiana, after being driven out of Canada, thus the Cajun version of gumbo too is a mix of French and Louisianan cuisine. Similarly, Creoles include people from Africa and Caribbean region, who cooked their own version of gumbo.

There are very subtle differences between the two types, however the origin of gumbo is still argued by experts. Going by what is traditionally cooked at homes in Louisiana, gumbo mainly contains a thick soup along with some chicken or seafood. The soup is actually called roux and is prepared using flour and oil. The way this roux is cooked gives the gumbo its distinctive taste. The roux in Cajun gumbos is very dark, almost black in color, whereas in Creole gumbo, the roux is lighter in shade. To make the roux thicker, okra or filé powder is added, depending on the recipe. As a rule of thumb, okra and filé powder are never combined. Here again okra belongs to Creole recipe and filé powder to Cajun recipe.

A gumbo can be made from a variety of ingredients such as sausage, crab, crawfish, oysters, shrimp, duck and chicken. Flavorings include a variety of spices such as black pepper, cayenne, dry mustard, thyme leaves, celery, bay leaves, parsley, cumin, paprika, sage and many more. Other ingredients include onions, tomatoes and garlic. If you have cooked gumbo at home, you may have used some of these ingredients. However, you would get the best gumbo only in Louisiana because being a traditional dish the exact taste comes more from experience rather than the measurement of ingredients.

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The Best Gumbo Ordered Online

Gumbo is probably one of the most sought after dishes in Louisiana, which is the best place to get some authentic gumbo. It’s simply not possible to be in Louisiana and not taste gumbo. In fact, after tasting this unique cuisine you must have definitely tried to make it at home. But despite getting all the ingredients mentioned in the cookbook and following all the steps to the last dot, you still feel that authentic flavor of a Louisianan gumbo missing in your gumbo. Well, you need not fret over it anymore, as authentic gumbo from Louisiana can always be ordered online. Yes, there are some companies in Louisiana that cater for those who wish to taste the authentic gumbo again.

The ingredients in gumbo actually speak about the rich history of Louisiana and how gumbo developed over time. It is in fact one of the oldest dishes of Louisiana and represents the culture of the region. Gumbo is a staple of Louisiana, made everywhere, in homes, restaurants and even on special occasions. It is rather an all time favorite of the people of Louisiana and even those coming from outside.

There is no one recipe of gumbo considering the way it originated. Gumbo is a product of recipes contributed by several people coming from different regions of the world, right from African-Americans to Choctaw tribesmen and Canadian immigrants called Cajun who settled here sometime in the 18th century. Thus gumbo came to be broadly divided into two types, Creole and Cajun, where Creole is the original version of gumbo in Louisiana. Creoles are basically the descendents of Spanish or French colonial settlers. There being no written record on a genuine gumbo recipe, whether the original gumbo is Cajun or Creole is widely debated till date.

Well, the taste and look of a gumbo depends on the technique used for cooking, ingredients used and the way it is served. Firstly, it has to contain what has come to be known as the ‘holy trinity’ of gumbo, viz. onions, green peppers and celery. These three ingredients are part of all types of gumbo recipes in Louisiana. The base or ingredients used to make it soupy is roux and filé powder or okra. Filé powder is a type of spice made by grinding dried sassafras leaves.

Roux is made using different types of oils including animal fats. Oils may be olive oil, clarified butter or vegetable oil. There are four main types of roux viz. white, blonde, brownish and a darker shade of brown. This color actually depends on how long the roux has been cooked, which again depends on type of recipe. Usually brown and dark brown roux is used for making gumbo, so an authentic gumbo should have a brown or dark brown colored soup, which actually gives it the unique flavor.

Next major ingredient is okra or filé powder. It’s written ‘or’ because most cooks do not recommend using both ingredients for a gumbo. Some opine that both ingredients used together makes the gumbo too thick, while others think that the two flavors do not complement each other. When using okra, it is cooked for a long duration, say about 45 minutes, while with the recipe using filé powder, it is added in the end as it makes the whole pot sticky and difficult to stir.

The main ingredient of gumbo includes chicken or seafood of any type though shrimp is popular among locals as well as visitors. Apart from this, several flavors are added, which gives the gumbo its characteristic taste. These may include dry mustard, bay leaves, parsley, thyme, paprika, cayenne, black pepper, cumin and sage.

Now that you know how your favorite gumbo is prepared all you need to get some best gumbo ever is to order online. You can check out some websites of companies supplying authentic gumbo from Louisiana and simply place an order with them. Whether you are planning a large gumbo get-together or simply wish to enjoy it with family, you need not worry about where your authentic gumbo will come from. All you have to do is get ready for your party and the best gumbo from Louisiana will be delivered right at your doorstep.